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The themes of stays

Each of our stays hinges on a present theme in…surprise.
However, we always encourage the children to discover some aspects of our world: the countryside, nature, the mountains, life cycles, the people, the food.

Discover the countryside, crops, and agriculture of the past and present.

Discover the river its environment and ecosystems of the earth: the forest, alpine grassland and the swamp.
Let’s play to share the environment at “ the farm”: spaces, noise, animals, people.
We are approaching to the big “rites” of rural farm work: planting, harvesting, reaping.

Learn to lead the Scuderia, we work in the breaking and training horse for riding.
We teach horse back riding with instruction in riding and country walks.

Collect residues and samples of minerals, plants, and insects to learn to recognize them.
Research for the traces of the great people of our past and the footprints of our environment. We preserve these with plaster casts.
Bird-watching: in equipped huts to observe and identify the birds.
We also find large and small mammals in the Alps: the chamois, wild boar, marten, and badger.
With your eyes on the sky… at night, the moon, the stars…

The food and the lifestyle: stories that begin from the land

How we make bread: the farmyard threshing, grinding grain, bread making.
The milk cycle, from milk to cheese.
Fruits picked from the tree to the juice and marmalade.
The wool and hemp tissues which become: shearing, carding, spinning, knitting.
Hemp: the maceratoio, scutching, spinning, rope.

The rich history of Piedmont:

We discover towers, castles, exhibits, events and legends of the land of Pinerolo. We visit the Fort of Fenestrelle, the Scopriminiera, the Cistercian abbeys of Saluzzo, the historical places of the Waldensians.

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