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Cultivation/growth: fruit orchards, vegetables, grains, all natural biological agriculture. Since 1987. We breed Piedmont’s cattle with CoAlVi cattle. We raise pigs, sheep and bees.

Transform: our produce from the farm for: making preserves, fruit juices, marmalades, canned fruits, butchered meats, cold cuts, liquors.

Cook: what we raise, and we serve it at the farm for you. We are always, “Farm-fresh, from the land to the table”.

Host: many visitors come to our farms. Groups of children in the summer, schools, families and everybody who wants to live and feel the rhythms of nature, agriculture and the land.

Sell: our fresh products that come directly from our farm, or in our stores in Turin, through the biological sales channels in Italy and abroad.

Ultime News

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    Our products in Bardonecchia

    By fruttopermesso on 18 March 2013

    Friday 29th of march opened “La Scürsa” in Bardonecchia,  borgo Vecchio, a shop where you can find all our...

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    By fruttopermesso on 16 February 2013

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