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Farmhouse Restaurant

The brick structure is what will hit you as you walk through the big wooden door, entering the farmhouse restaurant. Then you sit back, and we offer you an appetizer, accompanied by an aperitif or one of our ciders.
Or we will change modes by presenting our dishes for the day but what will never change is what is behind the plate: the land that produced it, the hands that cared for it, those who have transformed it into jams, those who cooked and prepared it, and those who serve you the dishes at your table. Always the same hands, always our hands.
An organic cuisine, which hardly ever leaves from the land company. Our food is always local. Always.

Weekends: We are Open!
Friday evening: Gourmet Night
Saturday evening: A la Carte
Sunday lunch

Il Frutto Permesso

via del vernè 16, Bibiana, TO Tel. 0121 55383 – 0121 559421

Locanda La Siia

via Cacherano, Bagnolo P.te, CN 
 Tel. 0175 348164 – 0121 55383

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