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The western Piedmont is a land of apples biodiversity.  Right in Bibiana are the headquarters of Slow Food of the Ancient Apples Piedmontese, and the Conservatorio delle Biodiversità Frutticole with more than five hundred varieties of apples and pears in Piedmont.

We cultivate around twenty varieties of apples: the new resistant varieties, ideal for Organic Agriculture (Pinova, Gold Rush, Golden Orange, Golden Lasa, Topaz, Crimson Crisp, Dalinette, Enterprise)
,  Traditional varieties (Golden, Gala, Fuji, Renette, Madama Rosa), the ancient varieties of Piedmont (Grigia di Torriana, Magnana, Runsé, Gamba Fina, Carla)

Each variety is offered in season throughout the course of the year.

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