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A week on the earth

Without science fiction, is what we propose. Holiday stays for one week or more, where children ages 6 to 14 live in nature, learn by doing, and have fun in the countryside. We go up in the mountains, experience local landscape, and go horse-back riding. But you will also learn how to grow a vegetable garden, you discover the thrill of finding the first egg a chicken lays, and how to pick zucchini. Experience the grain harvest, then thresh the stalks and grind the grains to make fresh bread, ready to eat. You can taste the blackberry or cherry that is just picked, or the flavor of the good old-fashion farm breakfast with bread and butter after tending the calves, donkeys, geese, and pigs. Feels the soft fur of a rabbit. You can learn to ride horses too.

But most of all you have fun, playing, learning and doing!

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