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Ciders and Apple Vinegar


From the pressing of our apples rises the juice of the fruit.

Fermenting the juice pressed in large stainless steel barrels or in bottles creates a cider. The people of West Piedmont boast that it comes from an ancient Celtic-Gallic tradition. Until 50 years ago, the cider, called  vin ed pum ,was the poor man’s drink which accompanied haymaking and harvesting. After that it’s use declined and finally disappeared.

A few years ago, we were among the first in Italy to return to making sweet and dry ciders from apples and pears. We allocate a large part of the local varieties, the Grigia of Torriana, the Runsè, and the Magnana to cider production, for their great aromatic complexity, the right tannicity and excellent balance between the sweetness and the acidic.

Old Piedmont Apple Cider

A cider of 7% alcohol ideal for any meal and especially suitable to accompany fatty foods, salami, and cheeses.

Sweet Apple Cider

A cider partially fermented in autoclave with intense apple flavor and low alcohol content.
Recommended with pastries but pleasant for any occasion.

Pear Cider

From a palette of autumn varieties of pears, Kaiser, Madernassa, Ciat and Supertino comes this cider demi-sec, with low alcohol content and precise characterization.
For aperitifs, on it’s own or as an accompaniment to spicy or blue cheeses.

Apple Vinegar

While cider is derived from the fermented juice, vinegar is derived from fermenting the cider itself with the acidification of ethyl alcohol. Our vinegars are of superior quality, obtained from varied blends. They carry a strong aromatic character, but are not pushy, and are ideal for all culinary uses.

Old Apple Cider Vinegar

Produced from the old varieties of apples Piedmont supported by the Presidium Slow Food.
In 50cl bottles. Box of 6 bottles.

High Quality Apple Cider Vingar

Made with a varied blend studied to enhance the aroma of the fruit which remains evident but not pushy and carries an acidity of 6%.
In 50cl bottles. Box of 6 bottles.

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