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We have always made our salami ‘in house’ like everyone else in these parts.
We slaughter mature pigs with thick and substantial lard at the weight of almost 200kg.
We make salami whole-hog, including shoulders and hams carrè. 3 kg of bacon solid bacon fat for every 10kg of lean meat, and then we cut it in large pieces like when the meat and bacon fat were hand-cut with a knife. Then we add three ounces of salt, a spoonful of pepper, nutmeg, a pinch of saltpeter and a good Barbera d’Asti wine.
With the same mixture, we make small and large cacciatorini and large “rose”; and with a mixture of pork and CoAlvi beef from Piedmont , we prepare cooked salami.

Our salami:
il salame di campagna
il salame cotto (a mix of pig and veal meat cooked)
il cotechino (sausage)
il lardo alle erbe (bacon with herbs)
la coppa marinata
la lonza di bue salmistrata (beef loin)
la salsiccia di suino (pig sausages)
la salsiccia di vitello piemontese (salsiccia di Bra) a veal sausage
i salamini da grigliata: sale e pepe, piccanti, al finocchietto (BBQ sausages)

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