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The meat of our neutered Piedmont CoAlvi cattle,and those pigs, from our farms,are prepared in our own butcher in Cavour, where the meat is on sale on Friday and Saturday.

Our meat is vacuum packed and/or packaged for retail or wholesale. We prepare family packs of 5 or 10 kg for a low price.

Family pack of 5 kg

1,8 kg of slices, 1,7 kg of roasted/rolata, 1,5 kg of boiled and/or stewed and/or meatballs.


Family pack of 10 kg

 1,2 kg T-bone steaks, 0,8 kg of stew, 2,8 kg of slices, 2,7 kg of roast/rolata, 2,5 kg of boiled and/or  meatballs.10kg

The Butchery – il frutto permesso

Via del Vernè 16, Bibiana (TO)

tel. 0121 55383

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