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Piedmont. CoALVi. Organic.

A beautiful barn from the late nineteenth century has been restored to accommodate our production but in our new barn we continue to raise the best beef breed in the world, Fassone Piemontese. We raise our calves and steers slowly, very slowly, feeding them with hay, beans and a mixture of corn flour and barley. All organic, controlled by ICEA and Coalvi

Free range pigs

La Sorgente, a co-op associated with Il Frutto Permesso, is a leading company in Italy in raising pig organically “en plein air”. The herd, with more than 300 head, covers more than 30 hectares. The fattening takes place in large enclosures and slaughter does not occur before a pig reaches 200 kg.

Sheep for milk and meat

In the wet meadows of Vernè we breed northern breeds of sheep from which comes particularly delicious lean meat.
We breed the native race, Frabosana, in the best pastures of the Pellice Valley. At Il Giulian, we produce tome and sarass cheeses which are among the best in the valley.


In Borgata Mausa, in Villar, at 1,000 meters, the Saanen goats are free range. We transform their sensational goats milk in the style of the French, to lactic curd, with few or no rennets.

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